Developing and Strengthening People’s Institutions for Local Livelihood Enhancement

The project is located in two of the most economically deprived blocks, next to the Mahabaleshwar hill range of Satara district in Maharashtra namely Medha and Jaoli blocks. The local communities of small farmers from the Kunbi, Dhangar, Koli and Dalit community and the landless Katkari tribals have faced displacement due to the Koyna dam in 1965. Livelihoods are insecure due to heavy dependence on rainfed agriculture and poor land productivity. Agriculture wage labour and migration to nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune to supplement income from agriculture is the only option available to local people. Working towards strengthening and supporting local livelihoods is therefore the focus of the project.

Project Focus:

i.) Food Security is ensured for all the targeted families.
ii.) Farmer households reduce their input costs; improve upon their cultivation and reject GMOs. Supplementary incomes are earned from allied agriculture activities.
iii.) There is financial inclusion of the poor women, and Joint ownership of land and houses by men and women.
iv.) There is a reduction in domestic violence incidences and a higher participation of women in local self-governance.

Project Beneficiaries: 5,500 Households
Project Area: 120 villages of Medha and Jaoli blocks of Satara district in Maharashtra
Project Budget: 1,852,100

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