Flowering a Ray of Hope

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Forest land that was lying idle in the past is being put to good use by tribals of ‘Boricha Mal’ village. Today they supplement the growth of paddy with vegetables under the horticulture project implemented by Sakav in partnership with Aid for change, for a region that is home for marginalized adivasis from the Thakar tribe.

In the midst of the legal battles to claim rightful ownership of land under the Forest Rights Act these green patches growing near river banks and foothills are contributing towards food security and income for the adivasis. One such initiative … Continued

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Courage of her Convictions


She could take this step because of the counselling and support given by the staff of Savitribai Phule Mahila Mandal, a partner of Aid for Change working in Beed district. Recalling her past, Hausabai shares that despite being a class … Continued

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From Farmer to Facilitator


As a newly-wed it was an uphill task for Reshma Dondu Rao at Village Varap working at the paddy fields all day. During the harvest a hefty share was taken away by the village landlord leaving behind very little for this family to survive on. Like many others in the village this family was caught in the vicious cycle of money lending and a debt trap that kept increasing its tenacious grip at every harvest.

With the intervention of Aid for change’s partner organization Sakav the village Self Help Group began to take root and soon the middleman was done away with. Villagers could now access easy loans on a minimum interest and a new … Continued

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Self Governance Model secured the community right of villagers on ancestral forest in Mendha Lekha


In 2011, Mendha Lekha in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district became the first village in India to exercise its community right to harvest bamboo and sell under the Forest Rights Act (FRA). Mendha lekha, a village in Gadchiroli district where villagers were … Continued

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