Featured Stories of Change

Self-help group as an instrument of empowerment


In the past, Kari village in Beed District (Maharashtra) was marked by regular eruptions of domestic violence. With majority of the 2500 residents being landless migratory daily wage workers on sugar cane fields, family life suffered if the husband was abusive.

According to the traditional system, the sugar cane contractor gives an advance of 50,000 to a lakh of rupees to every couple and extracts their service for 6 to 7 months in the year. Most of the time husbands used … Continued

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A Witness of Change


While Tulya Linde Dore is not too sure about his age, he is acknowledged by all at Boricha Mal village as among the elders who have seen a splattering of tribal hamlets transform into a village.

He reveals that a decade ago this village had no road and every monsoon when the river would flood its banks he had to wade his way to a shanty that had turned into a puddle. “It was risky crossing … Continued

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Giving a Voice to Silence


The Zilla Parishad School at Vanpuri village (Purandhar Taluka) wears a deserted look with summer holidays in progress. However, there is loads of action on days like Saturday when the school is functional. Being a weekend, regular academic studies give way for a Child Rights Group that meets from 10.30am to 2pm.

For children it’s a time of fun and frolic combined with mutual learning on important topics that are ignored by the regular school curriculum. Anywhere from 25 to 40 children attend this class and learn about gender equality, religious sensitization, … Continued

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Agents of Change


In another incident, a widow found friendship but instead of rebuilding a future together, the man was more interested in her property. During a Diwali festive night his assault left her in a critical condition at hospital. She was given medical assistance, a police case was filed and a new job was provided. Today she is rethinking of a settling down.

Being the agents of change, such stories of hope for women victimized by domestic violence is fuel which drives the counselors of ‘Samvad’ – an advice and counseling center for women, established by NGO Masum and supported by Swiss Aid. … Continued

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